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I do not consent to being fetishized but I also don’t consent to being used for humiliation, fitspo, thinspo, evidence of some kind of obesity epidemic, ammo for debate or argument against fatness, or any other kind of malicious fucked up purpose what so ever.

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driving in circles: how the weight loss industry fucks with your head

My grandmother passed away. I did not want to go to her funeral because I knew I’d have to see the sheeples called “family members”. I was manipulated into going despite my wishes.

They’re the same as they ever were. Stingy. Complaining. Cheapskates. Greedy. Passive aggressive. Self-absorbed. Sheep people.

Of course, my mother had to mention weight loss—who didn’t lose weight, and who gained weight—at least fifty times, despite being told on two separate occasions by one of her sisters and one of her brothers to shut up about it. My uncle, stingiest of them all, went on about some Mediterranean diet he’s on while nearly making us miss our flight to the airport because he was driving around in circles.

See what subliminal messaging/ads do to your mind? Living in a society where millions are spent to manipulate the unlearned masses and twist their perception and values is commonplace is sickening.

These people suck up what they see on TV, on the radio, in bookstores, in ads, on prime time and they believe it. They don’t think for themselves, like most people. They don’t question it, they don’t go “Wow this seems be a thing, not very healthy at all actually, why is it?”. I’m ashamed to be related to them. They prattle on about it without even trying to.

I’ll be damned if I’ll be forty-seven years old and still thinking that losing weight is magically going to solve all my problems, so twisted up in shaving pounds that I don’t even realize what I’m saying and what I’m doing.

Its about health, they say. You’ll thank us later, they say. Its about health, really?

I’ll say it again.

I am the fattest person in my immediate family. And guess what? I don’t have sickle cell, diabetes, a benign brain tumor (though I’m surprised with all the crap I deal with), high blood pressure, neuropathy, or multiple sclerosis. All of which are things the thinner people in my family have. Who’s to say? I might get those things later.

And so what? Screw people who think I’ll become less of a person somehow if I do or if I did. They can kiss my fat Black ass.

*disgusted sigh* I’m going back to the writing I enjoy. Later.

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No, you really don't know the difference between a right and a privilege. You have a RIGHT to run this page, you have a PRIVILEGE to possess the computer to access it.
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trolls, hahahahaha

Let me make this plainer: you are stupid (slow, obtuse, deliberately framing this in the way that makes you most comfortable and trying to get me to argue with you about it), I will not have this conversation with you. 

I think that’s clear but I’m sure you’ll be back, you types always are.

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There it goes again

"You’re confusing rights and privileges"

"You don’t know what a privilege is"

"How my god, I worked really hard to be thin, how dare you!"

"I can’t help how I am, its not a privilege"

Little people, unlike some bloggers, I wouldn’t have started this blog if I didn’t know what I was talking about and had something to say.

So please, off you pop.

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You're mixing up the difference between a privilege and a right. For example, I don't have the privilege to breathe clean air. I have the right. A privilege is earned. A right is not.
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Thank you for your consideration. I don’t think your argument makes as much sense as you think it does and I’m tired of having this conversation.

So I’m bowing out and respectfully decline to engage.

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um, why…?

On my pinterest account, I posted a couple of Big Girl Problems pins

I noticed that a few people are repinning them on comedy/humor boards. This rubs me the wrong way because though I may sometimes laugh at my own life experiences, I rarely find any amount of humor in the ones related to my experience as a fat person and how it relates to others.

Just a thought.


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Deleted Fatter than Fiction

Open since November 2011, Fatter than Fiction wasn’t getting any support or submissions, whether it was because of my efforts or simply because no one really knew it exists.

So I deleted it. I have so many blogs, no one can keep up with me so I’m deleting several of them, both to eliminate my need to update them and to tighten up my profile.

Someone once told me not to “delete myself” when I wanted to shut down my blogs after some crushing disappointments and trials. I also got the impression once that one of my “friends” wanted me to quit so he wouldn’t have to feel obligated to read them all anymore. Rest assured, I’m just saving myself from spreading out to thin.

I might use “Fatter than Fiction” as the title for collection of short stories….

See you later, baby.

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I am so soft and squishy in some places. Some days I love it. Other days, I question it. The rest of the time, I very carefully feel nothing.

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Before I ask, let me point out that I'm not here to fat-shame you, or anybody else. I respect you, and I would expect the same treatment in return. I've been reading through your posts, and it's obvious from the first post that you're proud of who you are. But does that really justify what you say about people who are thin? You're fat and proud of it. I'm thin and proud of it. Why must I be labeled as "thin privilege" when I've suffered through scoliosis and fat-shaming to get where I am now?
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Because you’re missing the big picture and all the little pictures that make up the picture.

You do not seem to understand that me being fat and proud doesn’t come with humane treatment everywhere I go. You became thin through some means to gain privilege. Do you get that? You obviously became thin, for health issues, or whatever and beyond and confidence came with that. People lose weight to get treated better in this society, to have better opportunities and more access to things. Now ask yourself—

If we’re all equal, what’s wrong with being fat?

Being thin makes people like yourself feel confident—WHHYY??? Think about it.

Unlike you, I didn’t change my body to fit some standard because it wouldn’t have made me happy or confident. I started changing my attitude towards my body and turning all that hate to the target where it belonged—

The people and things that that caused me to develop into a person that hated my body and accepted the hate of others who shamed and spat on me. The hate soon turned into mild irritation the more I distanced myself from them. Every single reason I could think of for feeling I needed to lose weight came from an external source.

Why do white people have white privilege? Why do bonies have thin privilege? Why do bonies wanna be in fat publications? Why do whites gentrify traditionally Black neighborhoods? You’d be surprised how similar the answers to those question are to me as a Black fat woman.

Thinness is a standard that is privileged, especially by America and many white dominated societies. Fatness is not. So my pride and your pride are two completely different things, don’t even begin to think you can compare the two as the same.

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Blackness and Fatness

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have time to worry about fat politics because my Black identity needs so much nurturing and attention in this acidic society and prevailing worldview of racism being okay. My mind tries to rationalize a separation and it manages but the reasons always fall apart. Its indoctrinated that my Blackness is separate and always comes first.

On this blog, I always say that I am a fat Black woman. Queer. Working class/poor. Light-skinned. Educated. Survivor of abuse. All these things. It feels so hopeless sometimes and way too complicated to be all of these things at the same time. If my head and heart could just explode, they probably would from being so full of all this stuff.

I could just force myself to lose weight. Then who would I be? Just another person who caved under other people’s opinions of my body and of me. Just another person who couldn’t handle looking into the maw of hatred and flying in its face. I’d be another person who couldn’t accept nor love myself regardless of anything and anyone else.

I’m much too stubborn for that. So I just keep trying, because I believe its real and I believe I can reach it someday.

Just taking it one day at a time

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this gif set delivers 

1 of 2 reasons I watch this show. 

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Your body is the house you grew up in, how dare you try to burn it to the ground.
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